Interested in capturing business in the Multilateral „Bidding“ Market?

Multilateral Organizations and International Cooperation Agencies

Why should you choose us to gain projects in the Multilateral Market?

At IACI we work with all the Multilateral Organizations and International Cooperation Agencies.

At IACI we know the procedures, particularities and key persons, as well as the way to have success in working with the Multilateral Organizations and Cooperation Agencies.

The value of our solutions for your company:

  • We know the volume of business in the Multilateral Market as a basis to define your strategy.
  • We will participate proactively in the market according to a defined strategy that makes possible the annual planning of its bidding activity.
  • Our team of specialists takes part of your internal structure, providing high value support throughout the tender process.
  • We will increase your success rates in the achievement of contracts.
  • We will do a hard training in preparing your team for presentation of bidding business.
Licitaciones Internacionales Consultoría

Our Services


Licitaciones Internacionales Consultoría
  • We define the strategy and the roadmap for the development of the company in the Multilateral Market.
  • We analyze if your offer of services / products fits with the demand of the Market in order to determine the achievable business potential.
  • According to the capabilities of your company, your references and interests, we prioritize geographic markets and organizations with greater interest and probability of getting business for your company.


  • We analyze any project and identify tenders of interest for the company before they are published.
  • In strong coordination with your company, we define and implement the commercial actions as well as the best approach to the financing and executing agencies; both for the request for information regarding tender(s) and for the presentation of your company and its specific services.


Licitaciones Internacionales Consultoría
  • We review daily the opportunities that are tendered by more than 100 Organizations.
  • We analyze the opportunities and inform our clients of the opportunities according to their interests and degree of experience.
  • We establish with our clients a prompt process for the internal assessment of the suitability of the opportunities.


Licitaciones Internacionales Consultoría
  • We support our clients throughout the bidding process: from the initial analysis of the documentation for the determination of its viability, till the achievement of the contract.
  • We approach all the critical processes: we identify and negotiate with local partners and expert profiles, we review all the documentation and the fulfillment of the criteria.
  • We review and improve the necessary formats for bids: references, curriculum, dossier of the company, etc.
  • We advise our clients in the design of commercial supports and presentation appropriate to the representatives of the Multilateral Market.
  • We register the company in the different procurement platforms of Multilateral Organizations (econsultant2, e-sourcing, UNGM, CMS, etc.).



Director of the forWit team. She has over 15 years of previous experience preparing bids and executing projects in the Multilateral Market.

Expert in Financial Institutions and their procurement procedures.

Coordinates the work of market intelligence and the relationship and communication with the Multilateral Organizations and Executing Agencies of the projects.

The experience in international tenders in a wide variety of sectors, allows her to assess the business potential of companies in this market, as well as to define the best strategy for its development .


Technical manager of the team. She works on the design of market strategies, the analysis of tenders and calls and the preparation and technical drafting of proposals and applications.

She started his professional activity in 2001 and since then she has always been linked to consulting; working on the design of proposals and the management and execution of projects for public and private entities, national and international wide.

She has extensive experience tendering with all the main Bidding Organizations, in a wide range of countries and in “multisectorial” matters.

We believe that this specific program is of absolute interest to your business and we would be delighted to have the opportunity to go further offering you more details:


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