• Co – founder of the company Perfiles del Sur Sl (Experiencias Turísticas Únicas) in 2014
  • General Manager & Designer at the company EbbeÒebbe Atelier
  • Sales Manager at Area Sur Trade Rep. SLU (Single-Member Limited Company) in 2007-2014 (7 years)
  • Owner and Manager at Elektro Trading Intl Agency SL
  • Programmer at Versus Informática and Comunicaciones SL from 2004-2006 (1 year 10 months)
  • Commercial Manager at Deutsche Bank 2001-2003 (2 years)


  • Statistics and Computer Engineering at the University of Seville.
  • Computer applications Programmer.
  • Cabin crew member.


“For IACI people come first”

At IACI, we believe that attitude, values, good manners and respect for others are clearly the essential basis for any relationship, whether personal or professional.

Based on this principle, as a deontological code, and combining it with the German reliability, pragmatism and methodology, we develop our professional and educational activity.

At IACI, we know that, to a large extent, the key to personal and professional success lies in the capacity for evolution, having an open mind, adaptation to change and constant renewal and acquisition of both knowledge and experiences.

Something of vital importance nowadays is also specialization. The level of diversity and complexity of most processes, subject matters and situations leads to the need for more and more experts in each field.

Even more so in such a changing environment as the current one, where digital transformation has led to a total revolution, both in business and in the methods of education and access to information.

Both in our consultancy services to companies as in our educational work as International Business School, our goal is to provide companies, professionals, students, etc. with all the tools necessary for their professional activity with the maximum guarantees of success and certainty as possible. As well as supporting them and accompanying them throughout the whole process.

For this purpose, we have the best team of experts in each field.

To us, it is a pleasure to help our entrepreneurs and professionals to conquer the world and remove barriers and borders.

“Our success is… your success”

Kindest regards,
Isabel Mª Peña Márquez.

CEO of IACI German Institute of International Trade

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