Mission and Values


Help to grow your company: The consultancy of companies in the national and international strategic area, foreign trade and development of projects in foreign markets with the support of strong local partners and the creation of local companies.

Help to globalize your trade: The creation and development of international E-commerce with wide geographical coverage and proximity to its target segmented by its affinity with the offer of your customers.

We help your company to export to Africa thanks to our own business division: IACI GERMAN TRADING COMPANY.

Help to prepare you for the biggest challenges: The training of professionals, capable of creating and directing international companies or performing a managerial or technical work, at any hierarchical level.

Help to capture a secure business: Advice on attracting and awarding public projects.


The German essence of IACI is that of a culture imbued with its commitment, reliability and closeness to its clients and its students.

IACI is nowadays a prestigious company because it is dedicated with the utmost responsibility and personal motivation towards both advisory and training projects. IACI guarantees at all times:

  • Total Transparency of action
  • Generosity and confidentiality
  • Maximum Effort offering resolutions & solutions
  • Permanent and direct communication throughout the learning or consulting process
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